WWOW: Watching the World of Wellness Is An Unreal Joke.

My Honey Si and I are starting a new day/way with the introduction of Insulin into our home. I have chosen to use the daily prompt word to write our journey for the next seven days. We are both in sticker shock with the cost of new monitor, strips, lancets and the fancy Pen of Long lasting insulin. I have already reached out to some of my blogging buddies for advice and encouragement.  I hope you will tolerate me for these next 700 words which will allow me to share what I learn and put together a diabetes education wellness journal.IMG_0397

Daily Prompt: Luxury Lives Well

via Daily Prompt: Luxury     Sometime we are at loss for words to describe living well. I am convinced that the luxury that comes with  the joy of watching families evolve and finding their happiness as their children are born. I have the luxury of being a great grandmother and to see my beautiful great grand girl reach her first birthday is my description of living well. I have the luxury now to watch the two generations do all the work and I just enjoy the show.


WWOW: Searching for Details


I am still listening and I find that the communication is just so much talk blown up to a larger size. I continue to search for the details as I continue to move through the crowd.

This  has been a difficult week for the many talking heads on all the media sites and I am just looking for a better understanding of why talk is sometimes so hurtful and leads to more harm that good. The details are lost in the devil and the blue sea and we lose our effectiveness as we drown. Perhaps silence is indeed golden.IMG_0347

DSD: Taking Vision at Face Value

Sunday was another day of May celebration for me. My Women of Wisdom Sunday School class and Sister friends gave me a beautiful birthday card which had seven butterflies but it was different because it had the cutouts so that I could see the butterflies before I opened the card.  I noticed the butterflies and when I opened the card I found the sweet written notes and signatures  with the words, “enjoy your day and God bless!” We prayed and laughed together. This is my blessed time of Caterpillar transition 71 so I will  spend today taking vision at face value.IMG_0162

WWOW: Sunday Morning Service

Sunday May 8, 2016: This is my 100 words on a Mother’s Day. I could not imagine not hearing a voice that has been stilled. I wanted to make this an Inspired Gratitude post so I wanted you to see  what I see when I am in my work and walk room. They are all special memory gifts that I can use to go into a “Grace Connection.” This is  the Tribute I made at the Women of Promise and Praise”Motherless Daughter’s luncheon. These Words are based on one of my “Skies pages. “Challenges, Onward, Newness, Nourish,  Endurance, Compassion, Togetherness, Invitation,  Opening, Now.”IMG_0019_00

WWOW: Celebrating The Worth of 70

Wy’s Ways of Wellness Radio Story Telling  This is a 100 word story about being 10 months into 70. I am using numbers instead of words to emphasize a fact that I learned from my book coach at this tender age of 70.  She explained to me when she was helping me complete my book of encouragement that numbers under 100 are spelled out. I have chosen to celebrate every  29th day of the month until I reach 100. I snapped a picture of my purple corsages,  pink Butterfly jewelry box and my GirlMicLeslie’s pearls that she wore at her wedding March 18, 1995. I am 70+10 months young.IMG_0050