The Bitter Cold Streets of Grief

via Daily Prompt: Bitter    Have you woke up in a bitter and biting  atmosphere? Do you sometimes have to put on your most positive pair of shouting shoes? I will think back to see if maybe it was something I ate or drunk to put me down in the pits mood.   I have now learned that every step I take is an avenue for the healing of bitterness. I will quickly jump on my treadmill or walk outside and look up to heaven with a hallelujah on my lips. The detours of hanging on to bitterness can hinder my progressIMG_1060

Lush Living and Grace Giving

This is my idea of lush  as in the definition of “producing abundantly.” I know that you will zoom in on the eight slices of lemon pie  but this picture was taken because of the Amazing Grace  pot with the beautiful centerpiece flowers. I am amazed at how we were provided with substitute and real sugar, lemons, and hot and cold tea as we took on more food than we needed but we did not refuse any of the provisions. I had my first encounter at the Guest House at Graceland and enjoyed the lush atmsphere.img_0908via Daily Prompt: Lush

Ten Times To Talk To The Ones You Love

via Daily Prompt: Ten  Remember the times you told someone you loved that they made you happy to be in their company. I started to think about being in the environment  and event with people who could make me smile. Sometime it is all I need to pull me out of a dark place so I write about it.  If you are interested in helping someone who is hurting today, I am a part of Gary Roe’s  Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child Launch team and I am being helped with each  chapter. Listening is ten times talking love.wp-1479431796464.jpeg

Irksome And Irony

This is my irksome and irony situation where I am  annoyed with myself because I was not taking a selfie but it became a selfie by default. This is a true tedious and humorous form of silly expression. I sometimes think about how we do not see our image until a picture shows up. We must think about what we will have to say tomorrow after all the words we sent out yesterday. I hope we will find it in our hearts to say, “I ask forgiveness  for goodness sake and without the painful interaction being irksome or with irony.img_0703

WWOW: What Time Is It?

This is my WysGratitude Time Daylight yes and confusion yes! I am up at 6 am which used to be my 7 am. I had a difficult sleep session because I needed to get up and help with getting family off to a doctor’s appointment. I wanted so much for this day to be a blessing to those  dear to me.  I decided to get a mile in  on the treadmill while  getting myself in tune to the day. I wanted to feel like this would be a day of accomplishments and amazing grace growth.  So we begin a new “Seven Situations.”WysAugust2014Events 029

Daily Prompt: Eerie Is A Body of Water

via Daily Prompt: Eerie I smile as I write an answer I received across the table when I asked my family what the word “eerie” meant. This is the answer I heard. “eerie is a body of water” and when I checked the definition, it read, “causing fear.” The way I feel today is I like this body of water zone since I enjoy watching the Mississippi rolling in a Tina Turner way.  The walking of these miles took me past a body of water and also on a 3.1 mile trip and  also covered fear with my feelings of wellnessimg_0685

Daily Prompt: Waiting and Wy’s Eyes

Sometimes God will give us a camera’s eye view of why He tells us that waiting is not in vain if we consider and delight in His Word. I am writing this 100 words at a dark time of 01:30 as I impatiently wait on rest and restoration through sleep. A funny thing happened on the way to my wait. I lost the fear and God’s faithfulness showed up when I prayed and stopped complaining. A new revelation showed up in this  picture of a picture taken in a mirror shot. I wait with wonder and well being.A picture in the Mirror for #WWOWvia Daily Prompt: Waiting