Wy’s Saturday Butterfly: Questioning Why?

Wy’s Saturday Butterfly: Questioning Why?.


Wy’s Saturday Butterfly: Questioning Why?


Today I went on one of those Saturday journeys. I traveled back home in the pounding rain while praying to avoid the 18 wheeler’s back lash of blinding water on the windshield and to get home safely, I began to imagine the way life is sometimes so surprising. I thought about the people you meet at a funeral. You hear so many stories of hurt and healing. You learn of strengths and struggles. So this piece is just a way for me to process life and death. I imagine the lifespan of a butterfly and the struggle of metamorphosis. I spend some time remembering smiles and conversation. I hear wonderful stories of a mother, family, and friend and so I question why knowing that I will not get an answer but I still ask because I am a Saturday butterfly moving from one life scene to another looking and listening for the answer why.

11/18/15 The story has changed into a testimony!