The Ways and Days of Leslie

I just have to write about my GirlMic /Leslie because she again is in need of our prayers and positive positioning as she is being healed.
My heart hurts as I see her struggling in her strong way while entering the eighth day on a ventilator here in Methodist GT ICU. I love her so and writing about our love is how I will make it through this day.Lord please lift Leslie up into your safe arms so we can see her smile again.

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WWOW: Wondrous, Eternal Light and Love

Today I had one of those vivid dreams where I was accelerated in a fast moving car and also climbing stairs. I woke up and said, “well, well, well, why was this one of those dreams I remembered?” I immediately wrote these words and spent my morning meditation period thinking about what did I need to do with the dream. I am working on a wellness presentation so I knew the words were given to share.

I entered a writing contest, wrote in my book and helped my Honey Si put up a new light.This  is “show and go”  I know that we all find ourselves looking for the Wondrous, Eternal Light and Love so today I will do a shout out for things being as well as they are. I continue enjoying every day I am up by grace. I am ready as walk in the light, beautiful light.IMG_2082IMG_2118

#WWOW: Wy’s Skies and Sharing Seasons

IMG_0037wpid-wp-1430203158215.jpegThis is my morning of meditation as I woke to ask some “Why” questions.  These pictures represent how even when I stand in the same area, I feel an atmosphere shift.  I am preparing to do a radio interview today to discuss my latest book of devotionals, “Skies of My Self, Soul and Spirit: Psalms for Delight and Devotion.”  I search the skies asking for grace and mercy without understanding why, what , when, where or how I am in this season of skies.   It is a mind opening position to wrestle with what I call Wy’s Why and God’s wonders.wpid-img_20150401_183834.jpgIMG_0046