The Way God Gives Grace

For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.
1 Peter 3:12 KJV

I woke up at 01:00 to hear God through the written word and a “suddenly” blessing was in the atmosphere. I found this scripture comforting as I began prayers for this new day through the Way of the LORD. I see God giving His grace as we lie, sit, stand and walk in His Presence. It is for the World’s wellness.


Restoration: A Light In Darkness

This is one of those days where I believe God’s promise that “All things are possible.” I continue to complete my 100 word blogs by May 29, 2018. I could not let this ‘Lights On’ experience pass without a journal entry. I woke up preparing to lead our 6 am prayer conference with the song, ” Way Maker” playing in my ear. I got on line and at 6:18 the electricity in our neighbor hood went off. I was able to contact the Prayer Warriors to pray that my garage would open for my #HoneySi’s  Doctor’s appointment . Let us worship God for a 8:39 “Lights On” experience.FB_IMG_1497229997778

The Skies and My Season of Confidence

Today I am reminded to thank God for His skies and my Season of confidence in His Way.  I give God the praise as the Psalmist has done  in Psalm 103 and also in Philippians 1:6. This is my week to celebrate the action of Love as well as the words of  God is Love. I am convinced that God has all of this world in His control even though we are standing in the shadow of death as well as sitting in the presence of enemies. I am leaning and depending on His glory , majesty, dominion and power for my safety.BookCoverPreview (1)1518687985172_image747284960.jpg

The Days of Love and Life

Today  is the beginning of February 2018 and I am reflecting on my January experiences and events. One of the most comforting events was being able to participate in Deborah Haddix’s “Nourish Your Soul 30 day Challenge.” I used journaling to express my feelings. I send her my inspired gratitude  for this month of review and vision.

One of the highlights of January was the continued healing for my HoneySi. We started this journey on October 5, 2017.   I told him that God provides us with ministering angels and he has been working them overtime. We are grateful for each day.

The Purpose, The Praise and The Position

I see that I have been afforded another day as midnight is here. I am remembering some of my yesterday challenges and thanking God for His opportunity of listening for today. I am getting close to reaching my goal of seventy two (100 words) blog during my seventy second year. These pictures are Scriptures for my wellness, my praise sharing of my advocacy and resources at the Linda Faye Cancer Awareness Banquet in 2017 and my most recent position of service at RLC.  I am convinced that God is not through with me yet and I wait for direction.