Eighth Day: The Heritage of Education

via Photo Challenge: Heritage   My heritage of Education is my focus eight days before Celebration 72.  I share that the formal education that I have pursued comes from my love of reading and writing.  I still remember my first grade teacher at Magnolia School and her words about the importance of being educated. I was always drawn to teachers who shared their self, soul and spirit to help me achieve my education. I keep pictures from several of my College/ Universities graduations on my Vision Board. They range from 1972 AD, 1984 BSN and 1991 MS.  They represent my love of life long learning. .20170520_164659_Burst01

The Best Way To See A Reflection

img_0710via Photo Challenge: Reflecting  Why do I wake at 01:17 to start a writing challenge? I did and since this is something I do frequently, I began to do some soul searching and reflecting. I am reading a quote from the devotional I published and these words of prayer reflect my feelings as I gaze up at another full moon.  I wrote, “Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the smiles, listeners, and touch. Thank You for the movement of the Holy Spirit as I know You are daily opening doors for me to step through for Your glory.” I see You!

A Famous Fryer: The Hot Oil Scene

via Daily Prompt: Fry This is a 05:00 post about how I sometimes find myself in a hot oil situation. I have a problem with all types of cooking because I do not get any joy relief from spending time in the culinary scene.  I am looking at the option of frying fish on a Friday but it seems to be so much trouble when I can find a place to buy it. To buy or fry causes family anxiety but it goes with the territory. I am asking directions and looking for ways to get from the hot oil scene.cropped-wy-flyer1.png

Finding the Joy of Why or is it Wy?

I was asked, Where are your butterflies? I said to them, “They are somewhere sharing my joy.” Since I rarely go out of my house without a butterfly on me, I began to realize how important having joy is to my self, soul and spirit. I just wanted to write  this one hundred words as a tribute to all the families who woke up this morning without joy. Why do we wake up and say that today is going to be better than ever before? I believe it is the gift of joy that we find daily with the butterflies.IMG_0994

Our Champion and Her Call

via Daily Prompt: Champion

We are called many names. Sometimes words will bring forgotten memories. I remember being called to be a champion and how I wanted to live up to the title. I am writing today about knowing someone whom I called a champion. I am doing this one hundred word salute to one of our champions. I remember my mother as a champion. She went through some hard situations but she always smiled and gave her family and friends whatever she had.  One precious memory is her beautiful singing voice. My Mother Mae was truly a called champion.

WWOW: The Automatic Healing of Touch

My lilBro and me. I still hold his hand.

via Daily Prompt: Automatic     It is the automatic response of touch that I am relating today. My LilBro ( by 14 years )and I was doing a presentation for our uncle when I reached for his hand and he gave it to me as he did when he was three years old. When I looked at this picture I had a flash back of our parents Jimmie and Mae as we remember their lives and how they still influence our actions automatically. We are built to make choices and to overcome the challenges.

Dismissing the Distraction of Devastation

via Daily Prompt: Devastation  I asked my prayer conference callers to pray for my demons of distraction to be dismissed. They all agreed to add me to their petitions. I am reviewing a book written by my friend, Gary Roe to be released January 27, 2017. The Book, Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child is in tune to the feelings I have had for the last sixteen months.  When I read the definition of devastation, I vowed to make a positive 100 word post and plea. The purpose is to influence  others to dismiss distraction and remove the pain of any devastation.img_0890