Evidence and Elixir: #100

via Daily Prompt: Elixir The first 100 minutes after waking from sleep and a deep dream of prophecy, the taste of water provided me with an elixir of a cool and soothing mixture. The examination of elixir provided me information that water is an “elixir of life.” This term is described figuratively as ” quintessence of a thing; a chief principle.” Since my time of writing is the beginning of a new day(02:00), I am working my way into another session of sleep. The evidence that the Lord cionstantly provides me of His love is to return to bed and find  another #100.


The Pleasure of Pure Purple.

I just got asked again about the pleasing color of purple. I decided to count the purple pieces of clothing in my closet with a goal of finding at least seventeen. This is is one of my inside Mondays and I really need to straighten up the closet. This seemed like an easy task after I complete the prompt. Purple makes me smile and I wear some pieces with fond memories of my daughter, Girl Mic. I sometime combine red and purple to get a double jolt of joy and pure pleasure.

Wysjoyful Company Colors #RedPurple

via Daily Prompt: Purple

Moving from Meaningless to Mindful

I sometimes will have a piece of paper that I have written a date and time to help me remember a special appointment. This works for my well-being because it is meaningless to make an appointment and then forget it. I notice that writing dates and names does help me to be more mindful. When we give promises and do activities that do not benefit others, it is meaningless. When we take the time to listen to see how we can help or advocate for others, I see this as a move from meaningless to mindful.via Daily Prompt: MeaninglessIMG_0058

Symptom Searching: Why and When

In all of my years as a health professional, signs and symptoms has given me a disquieted soul. I remember the questions from my nursing instructors, doctors, family and friends. In this season of my life as a caregiver, having the conversation means that there is a health situation that needs to be addressed. I say that the answers to all my questions are hidden in the Holy Bible. So this scripture serves me well as I search for the symptom that causes my sleeplessness. I am conquering the symptom as I yet praise and hope.wp-1480582311851.jpegvia Daily Prompt: Symptom

The Acceptance Of An Assigned Mission

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance   I heard some one on our prayer team describe a pending missionary trip as her assigned mission. I believe acceptance of my assigned mission will be the inspiration to be a better writer while also fulfilling my dreams of gold and purpose of purple. I am assured that when I start walking in faith and hope, the outcomes will be obvious. We sometimes gaze into the future as we ponder acceptance but do not see the people around us who are playing a big part in our present position. I pray for the action of acceptance.IMG_0341

WWOW: A Minimal Cry For A Maximal Loss



1623078_10202591008810767_10202591008370756_5971_485_bvia Daily Prompt: Minimal

I am imagining the difficulty of families and friends who have lost something being considered minimal to others but maximal to them. I think of the people who have the minimal coverage of health care but it is only enough to cover treatments for cancer. This removed some of the stress of making a decision to eat or pay for medicine. This health care minimal coverage has been threatened by a group who has the best coverage that can be provided by these persons living in a minimal secure society. This is my advocacy cry today.

Where is the Controversy and Why Ask?

We all have or will find ourselves in a sea of controversy. I have been accused of being a controversialist which is a 16 letter word for being skilled to argue a point. Today I am in one of those reflective moods and spending some time writing in my journal. I had a busy weekend and  it is near dawn. I find myself asking my soul and spirit some “Why” questions. The controversy for today is why people are acting with destuctive forces against each other? I imagine there are many opinions and so I ask why! IMG_0010via Daily Prompt: Controversy