WWOW: V = Vocal Victories

VVocal Victories for me are when I am  express how I feel in a variety of places to a variety of people. I sometimes I get a vocal victories by writing. The “V” is  the letter I use on the telephone to explain to others how to spell my name. I say, “V as in Victory: so that it does not sound like “B” as in boy or “T” as in Tom. I just woke up to the sound of music and ministering in this midnight hour and so I pray aloud because I need a vocal victory as I look for words to explain my work  in #WysWaysofWellness. This is a good time to say ABCs as we are up to the the 22nd letter of the Alphabet. I am sharing this picture of the  alphabet from a book that is 105 years old as a way to show that these letters are here to stay and to say. IMG_0006


WWOW: Questions and Quietness ?

I woke up with questions to myself, soul and spirit about making a change. The answer came to me as I remembered one of my favorite songs, “All In His Hands”  I sit here in quietness of the Midnight hour with questions and answers so close together but so far apart in my mind. I know that sometimes we don’t see the skies because we are not looking in the right direction so with 39 days LTC before 70. I am in prayer with questions during this quietness. The answers are ringing loudly in my ears and I still have questions today.WysPresidingMVBC11112012

WWOW: P is Praying And Participating

I discovered that when I wake up at 01:30 am CST and have the urge to pray, read and write, I am missing a great opportunity to participate in Blogging A to Z Challenge. I still don’t think I have the Ping Back routine so if you can tell me how to properly pull it off, please do so. I am pursuing a picture  as a close to my goal of seven or more Ps in one post. #Peace, WyIMG_2082