Fragile: Caring and Serving

tmp_1719-img_2121-872652392I am glad you called! This was my response when a lady called to ask me some questions regarding the care of a family member. She shared the many situations of the illness and the frustration with making fragile (delicate) decisions as a caregiver. This is one of the struggles of serving. When we finished talking , I realized the importance of listening in order to be involved on the art of caring and serving. My role as a minister and Faith Community nurse as well as a caregiver  helps me through the journey. This is the delicate balance of caring


WWOW: A Sunday Kind of Kindness

I started out to church with my Girl Mic Leslie on my mind. I was remembering the Sunday that I attended church after her “Celebration of Life” Services  a year ago. I stepped into the yard trying to find the clouds that reminded me of her fruit finding. This is what I called it when she said or did something that reminded me of the Fruit of the Spirit as shown in Galatians 5:22-26. I presented the lesson on ” Peaceful Kingdom” and as we stood there with our hands over our hearts,  I learned how a Sunday kind of kindness heals.IMG_0011

WWOW: Fifty Steps into the Light

Fifty I am determined to write a short post about experiences that made my last fifty hours unforgettable. I participated in a “I Am My Sister’s Keeper” Prayer Breakfast and heard some awesome testimonies from women who stepped out of some  difficult situations into positions of shining lights to purpose.IMG_0438IMG_0439

WWOW: The Keeper of Our Sisters

I chose this picture of my friend speaking about how God brings us through all the trials and tribulations of  life. I am in amazement when I see the way the Lord picks us up, wipes away the tears and provides balm for our many different kind of wounds. In this picture there are sisters of all ages, colors and all  gifts and Fruit of the Spirit as is described by the sign on the Church walls. In this span of three hours , situations were described and we heard the words, “He is a Constant Keeper and Praise the Lord.”IMG_0418IMG_0431

WWOW: A Confusing Challenge

I am again disturbed by numbers found on the  blood sugar monitor so the word “confuse” is a great fit for my today’s experience and subsequent 100 word challenge. I decided to seek clarification from my old Webster’s New World Thesaurus. The words I found were confound , upset, befuddle and perplex. The great thing is that I have another 50 words to clear up my thoughts. I am standing on my treadmill looking into my bookcase that is filled with my nursing career memories but I know that things were quite different  in the golden olden days so  today I am confused.IMG_0254

WWOW: The Complicated Clouds of Choice

The small slit of sunrise on a cloudy day. I walk out and see the the roofs and tree tops and I imagine this scene being  my brain scrambled by the thoughts of learning how to live with a diagnosis of “insulin dependent living.” It is a life style change and I know the choice will be to glimpse the beginning sun and the healing effect instead of the dark clouds.The source of joy comes from knowing that the sun will continue to rise in the east and set in the west because choices change me and not the skies.IMG_0399

WWOW:Great Revelation And Reach

IMG_0019_00This is a writing in my seven situations series. Today we are preparing to reach out to the Diabetes Educator classes to help us along the way of survival words of wisdom. I decided I would do a pre test on what  I did not learn about the technology of giving insulin. I have been a registered nurse for 48 years but it is an old school process that is now in need of updates and rewiring for our revelation and reach.  So what I want you to see in the picture is Hope, Faith, Thanks and Butterflies. Wy Woods Harris