Daily Prompt: The Eyes of Wy’s World

Wy’s World: Three generations of eyes: GirlMicLeslie, GrandgirlP and GGGKEB. Priceless and Precious is the best way to describe this 2016 family room place of purpose. The eyes of Family Harris2016


WWOW: The Complicated Clouds of Choice

The small slit of sunrise on a cloudy day. I walk out and see the the roofs and tree tops and I imagine this scene being  my brain scrambled by the thoughts of learning how to live with a diagnosis of “insulin dependent living.” It is a life style change and I know the choice will be to glimpse the beginning sun and the healing effect instead of the dark clouds.The source of joy comes from knowing that the sun will continue to rise in the east and set in the west because choices change me and not the skies.IMG_0399

Daily Prompt: Reach

Wysjoyful Company presents the message with our  daily celebrations of life. The outcome is the joy as we are Bringing Out The Best In People: The Friendship Factor . We reach across all lines to help others grow.wpid-wp-1440310279122.jpegvia Daily Prompt: Reach

WWOW: The First Year of Obsession


I pulled the World Book Encyclopedia Dictionary off my shelf and reviewed “Obsessed.” This is one of my Daily Post Prompts that I am using to describe this new place of concern for my Honey Si’s health. All the manuals encourage journaling  so now I am obsessed to write details until I am comfortable in this new arena. It seems that this year has a lot of “not so happy trails” we have to follow since the death of my GirlMic Leslie. I am obsessed to keep my joy so I dedicate my obsession to write to her sweet memory.

WWOW: Spiritual Seeking To Conquer Craving

I use this application because I enjoy any kind of honey and I am constantly reading ingredients to make sure the label reads pure honey. I know that I do eat more than the recommended daily dose to meet my craving.  So I think you will ask me , “What is the spiritual  lesson you are trying to explore?” I am very happy you asked.

I am thinking about my spiritual journey that changed as I found my self in a low place recently. I used honey as a way to conquer the physical and writing for conquering the spiritual craving. IMG_0029

WWOW: A Muse of Melody

http://wp.me/p70Yt2-9V  I am listening to the words with my soul and spirit so that I can write some words of welcome to the ministry of music. I am using the happiness of a group of people running through a fountain in the park.  My children traveled to Maryland and they  brought back 147 digital images of their fun times. I send my inspired gratitude to Lantern Words as I read, write what I see and hear for my #WysWaysofWellness.  The continual challenge of change is sometimes placed in a well of deep thought  and a muse of melody.


The Beauty of Being Remembered

Better Butterflies: Seven Soul Situations: One year ago my GirlMic Leslie was put on life support where she stayed 40 days until  she transitioned from this earth into a new place in heaven on September 1, 2016. It is 03:00 and I am awake thinking about her. This  is a hard place  with some sadness but I choose the joy of remembering  the love and life she gave to us. I ask you to look at these pictures and if you ever heard her giggle or smile, call her name. This is for my #WysWaysofWellness that I celebrate our beautiful relationship and sweetness of her self, soul and spirit.IMG_0008