Blogging201: When Beauty Comes In The Building

I am waking up from a short sleep session and I came across the Beauty Post. I recently discovered that I will become a great grandmother and I woke up with this truth on my mind. The email notice just said , I have written an inspirational post with the invitation to check it out. I wanted to get a post in that highlighted a previous writing and to show my gratitude for some beautiful people and places.

When “beauty comes in the building” is my way of adjusting my attitude to a time of gratitude. We sometime have times of  feeling good about life and how we are blessed beyond our imagination. I have been in this place several times in the last seven days so I will share them as my inspired gratitude for all the beautiful people who are the #blogging201 and January  #Blogging101 beauties in the building.cropped-wy-flyer1.pngIMG_2127


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