The Beauty of Being Remembered

Better Butterflies: Seven Soul Situations: One year ago my GirlMic Leslie was put on life support where she stayed 40 days until  she transitioned from this earth into a new place in heaven on September 1, 2016. It is 03:00 and I am awake thinking about her. This  is a hard place  with some sadness but I choose the joy of remembering  the love and life she gave to us. I ask you to look at these pictures and if you ever heard her giggle or smile, call her name. This is for my #WysWaysofWellness that I celebrate our beautiful relationship and sweetness of her self, soul and spirit.IMG_0008


WWOW: The Night to Morning and The Mourning To Joy

#WysWaysofWellness: I woke up with this thought and I know it is a Word for me.  This is yesterday’s sky and sunset. I look forward to this morning and joy from the mourning. I am convinced of His promises.

“For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust.”             -Psalm 103:14IMG_0369IMG_2201

WWOW:Family Fondren in the Wellness Woods

This is my sister’s son, Terron, working toward his dream. He is my Fitness and Wellness mentor and one of my family inspirations. He is doing some tryouts on April 7, 2016 and I am prayerlifting him and I am proud of his work. Terron is going before some football scouts and while I don’t know a lot about what he will be doing, I know it is a big thing to watch him pursue his vision. He gets press because he is Odell Beckham’s cousin but he has his own strength, talent and he is my nephew.  Watch Wellness Work!

WWOW: Fresh Fruit and Favor


I attended a beautiful “Seven Last Words” Good Friday Celebration at ATOP. The seven women opened my hurting self, soul and spirit and poured into those cracks from the grief of my daughter, GirlMicLeslie’s death 7.5  months ago. How can I use these 100 words to describe the relief from grief?  Let me start.  I was blessed by all of them and they each gave me hope , faith, grace, integrity and  a mountain moving mentality to start my day. I enjoyed how they complemented each other as they brought the Word.

How to bring my work under the Mentoring SFAMs Work in 2013
How to bring my work under the Mentoring SFAMs Work in 2013

Celebrating Merceda's Joy2011

WWOW: Wy’s Lifetime of Joyfulness

IMG_20151003_115725I met a gentleman who asked my name and I said, “Wy.” He then said impatiently, “I just asked a simple question.”  I repeated to him, “Wy” and I could tell he just did not have a clue of why I said Wy. This question prompted my “WysSkies” journal writing. The  Talk Shoppe Memphis Networking group met at the YMCA and I won my “Y” cap and Cup.  I picked up the expression “Wy at the Y” as a joyful IMG_0086introduction.  I am convinced that the joy of the Lord is what gives me blue sky situations and lively steps.

WWOW: When Comfort Comes Day 3 of 12 SAGA Challenges and Choices

IMG_0013I am sending thanks every way I can for the wonderful people who have entered into our living via my GirlMic/Leslie and Son in Law Greg. Thanks to Pastor and Minister Sammie and Addie Holloway at Breath of Life Christian Center for the wonderful comfort and  the beautiful Church hospitality and plant. The members and the ministries were such a blessing to us.  We will always cherish these memories that you shared with us. My Son Doug and grand daughter Bree are enjoying the gift as they remember your kindness. I leave with these words: Psalm 103: …… Forget not all His benefits

WWOW: So the Sun Stood Still

I am writing this piece at 02:30 on a morning before having a repeat mammogram. I opened my bible to find my #SurvivorWOW scripture and I find a post it note on the page with the Joshua 10:12-14 written on it. I turn to these scriptures and Joshua 10:13 reads, “So the the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the people had revenge upon there enemies. Is this not written in the Book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day.”

When I see these words, It is like the LORD God is giving me instructions and hope for the work and purpose He has assigned to my hands.  He has said that I am delivered and directed to work  His plan to share my passion and priorities. I have this whole day to make a difference in the well-being of His people.  The LORD has heard my cry and He is the only One Who can make the sun stand still.IMG_0007