The Skies and My Season of Confidence

Today I am reminded to thank God for His skies and my Season of confidence in His Way.  I give God the praise as the Psalmist has done  in Psalm 103 and also in Philippians 1:6. This is my week to celebrate the action of Love as well as the words of  God is Love. I am convinced that God has all of this world in His control even though we are standing in the shadow of death as well as sitting in the presence of enemies. I am leaning and depending on His glory , majesty, dominion and power for my safety.BookCoverPreview (1)1518687985172_image747284960.jpg


WWOW: Taking the Test and Talking to the Tester

This is the last day of September 2016. I am still having memory challenges as I look back on this date on September 2015. It was a very difficult time after the death of my #GirlMic Leslie on September 1, 2015. I have had some ups and downs in my self, soul and spirit situations but I made it. I called  in prayer to Jehovah Jireh often to help me get through the hurt on my 24 hour clock. I share that this was a very hard test and I thought that the Tester was too silent while I completed the test. But God IS_____!img_0476

WWOW: Moving Wellbeing Right Along

I am thinking about some of the statements I heard today about work and serving. I had this picture of my Mom Mae, my black W and me with my Inspired Gratitude jar with the  words “courage and Strength.” I am starting my Monday with thanks to the Lord as I can remember the words from my daughter to not forget His benefits because He is a forgiving and healing Savior. I believe that my well being  is centered in my serving as well as believing that even  when I am tired  or cannot get to sleep, it is well. img_0552

WWOW: A Sunday Kind of Kindness

I started out to church with my Girl Mic Leslie on my mind. I was remembering the Sunday that I attended church after her “Celebration of Life” Services  a year ago. I stepped into the yard trying to find the clouds that reminded me of her fruit finding. This is what I called it when she said or did something that reminded me of the Fruit of the Spirit as shown in Galatians 5:22-26. I presented the lesson on ” Peaceful Kingdom” and as we stood there with our hands over our hearts,  I learned how a Sunday kind of kindness heals.IMG_0011

WWOW: A September Shiver

I just received another telephone check on my spirit and well being. I smiled because the caller mentioned my GirlMic Leslie who made her heavenly flight one year ago. I was looking for a way to use the daily prompt “Shiver” and looked up the definition. It was a surprise when I found in the Webster New World College edition copyright of 1962 that sometimes shiver is defined as a fragment or splinter or something broken. This has been how I felt this last year but today I begin finding restoration and refuge from this September shiver and the painful trembling.IMG_0474

WWOW: The Keeper of Our Sisters

I chose this picture of my friend speaking about how God brings us through all the trials and tribulations of  life. I am in amazement when I see the way the Lord picks us up, wipes away the tears and provides balm for our many different kind of wounds. In this picture there are sisters of all ages, colors and all  gifts and Fruit of the Spirit as is described by the sign on the Church walls. In this span of three hours , situations were described and we heard the words, “He is a Constant Keeper and Praise the Lord.”IMG_0418IMG_0431

WWOW: The First Year of Obsession


I pulled the World Book Encyclopedia Dictionary off my shelf and reviewed “Obsessed.” This is one of my Daily Post Prompts that I am using to describe this new place of concern for my Honey Si’s health. All the manuals encourage journaling  so now I am obsessed to write details until I am comfortable in this new arena. It seems that this year has a lot of “not so happy trails” we have to follow since the death of my GirlMic Leslie. I am obsessed to keep my joy so I dedicate my obsession to write to her sweet memory.