WWOW: Sunday Morning Service

Sunday May 8, 2016: This is my 100 words on a Mother’s Day. I could not imagine not hearing a voice that has been stilled. I wanted to make this an Inspired Gratitude post so I wanted you to see  what I see when I am in my work and walk room. They are all special memory gifts that I can use to go into a “Grace Connection.” This is  the Tribute I made at the Women of Promise and Praise”Motherless Daughter’s luncheon. These Words are based on one of my “Skies pages. “Challenges, Onward, Newness, Nourish,  Endurance, Compassion, Togetherness, Invitation,  Opening, Now.”IMG_0019_00


WWOW: The Prayer Position and Place

Why do I celebrate the National Day of Prayer every May? I am full of joy that you would take the time to seek my answer. Let me count the whys. I am old enough to know the importance of having conversation where I valued every second and moment. I remember the time when there was prayer for family and friends. I remember the times when a lady asked me if I had been praying when the plane started to ascend  from the runway. I remember the time when we stood around the bedside and sang “Amazing Grace” and prayed.IMG_0140

WWOW: Reading and Real Vision at Seventy.

I am preparing for eye repair (Cataract removal) surgery and one of the instructions which has me concerned is that I would have to keep from bending down for two weeks. I decided that I needed to make some changes to my habits and my Honey Si provided me with a “reacher.” I started to look at how I could comply. These pictures are my first attempt to pick up my newspaper, my rooster of direction and my grace connection notes on my treadmill. This is my life changing reading and real vision discovery at age seventy.

WWOW:Building My Kingdom Man

These 100 words are dedicated to my HoneySi as he begins his 75th Birthday. We have known each other for more than fifty years and been married for forty. He is a talented and creative man who loves to build. I thought I would write a Kingdom Building piece to him.  We have been a lot of places and done a lot of things. His Work of 50 years have produced many awards, plaques and even a trip to Las Vegas paid by The Peabody Hotel.  He has always supported my self, soul and spirit.  I want him to know that he is King.IMG_0029

WWOW: Wy’s Soul searching

NHDD April 16, 2016 soul searching WWOW      

I met this phenomenal young lady, Dr. Crystal Martin Walker, yesterday as she was a speaker at the Regional One Health and Wellness Conference. I was impressed with her presentation and she is the subject of my WWOW 100 words today.  April 16th is National Health Decisions Day. I make it a goal to share information with others about the importance of completing Advance Directives. This is seven months after the doctors gave us some real answers about my GirlMicLeslie’s prognosis to overcome her 40 days of intubation. We celebrate and honor her life on this day.IMG_0043

WWOW: When We PUSH (Pray until Someone Helps)

These 100 words are built on the foundation of the sermon I heard on Sunday. I am a member of Mt. Vernon’s Health Awareness ministry and I started a cause to have our members monitor their medications and get their blood pressure in check. It is a struggle that I also  deal with in trying to reach my wellness goals. We do not ask, seek or knock for answers to keep ourselves well. Pastor Watkins had some points of power that you can read in my handwritten sermon notes. Please read and join us as we push (pray until someone helps) DrkarenChandlerJohnsonspeaker04262016

WWOW: Inspired Gratitude for Grace


I decided to do a 100 word salute to my friend Grace. She blessed me by being a part of my radio blogtalk show. She is  a “Three E” lady. This is Encore, Entrepreneur,  and Educator. I started following her on social media after we met several years ago at a networking event. I loved her voice quality as she described some work she was doing to help young people with their speaking skills. I also enjoyed her positive posts about the worth of women and their work. I dedicate these words to her as my way of self care.IMG_0017