WysJoyful Company Presents Goal 69 in Season of Sixties

WysJoyful Company Presents Goal 69 in Season of Sixties

One of my special  organizations is the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network where I serve as ACT Lead for Tennessee Congressional District 9 Volunteer Advocate. I am asking my friends to help me obtain 69 memberships in 2014 as I celebrate my  Birthday on May 29, 2014. The great option is that from any where in the world you can donate as a favor to me. Please let me know @wysjoyful or wyswoods.Wordpress.com  so I can add you to my Star page. Wyvonia Woods Harris


Wy Sharing #SurvivorWOW “LISTEN”

Wy Sharing #SurvivorWOW “LISTEN”

January 1, 2014, I started a new work in the Mt Vernon Baptist Church Health Awareness Ministry and it is worth word pressing to share. I wrote an article for Divine Magazine and “LISTEN == Let words flow in the Spirit of healing.” This is my start today!