The Someday Skies and WWOW

via Daily Prompt: Someday I sit here staring into the blueness of being in a someday situation. These 100 words of wisdom hide behind a Thursday and beautiful blue flowers. I said surely 2017 will help me discover where it is hiding in between the days, numbers and  butterflies. I know that sitting here writing my wellness strategies gives me an opportunity to practice my preaching. teaching and healing view of the Psalmist’s revelation found in Psalm 71:14 which reads, “But I will hope continually , and will praise You yet more and more.” This is the essence of my someday.


Daily Prompt: Waiting and Wy’s Eyes

Sometimes God will give us a camera’s eye view of why He tells us that waiting is not in vain if we consider and delight in His Word. I am writing this 100 words at a dark time of 01:30 as I impatiently wait on rest and restoration through sleep. A funny thing happened on the way to my wait. I lost the fear and God’s faithfulness showed up when I prayed and stopped complaining. A new revelation showed up in this  picture of a picture taken in a mirror shot. I wait with wonder and well being.A picture in the Mirror for #WWOWvia Daily Prompt: Waiting

WWOW: A Hike in the Woods

img_0551Looking up into the fine line of tree tops and skies remind me of life hikes that go into deep places. Today I find myself looking for answers to questions related to soul and spirit as I start my walk in my own “neighbor-wood” I am walking with heaviness after the death of several friends, so I guess I am just on a hike looking for my WWOW so I will feel better.

My 100 word challenge to myself is difficult to complete and I am just wanting to take a break but I must continue if I want to succeed.


WWOW: #Writing Challenge

#Challenged to write this week: The first priority is to write an inspired gratitude  letter to my Legislators to thank them for listening to us when we were visiting in their office in Washington DC last week . We discussed the hardship of healing when there is so much medical debt.  I also told my story of the forty day of hospital ICU that my GirlMicLeslie endured. I want her to be remembered because she supported all my advocacy work  related to patients, family and friends who are the skies of my self, soul and spirit. This challenge is for her. IMG_0261

WWOW: She Speaks With Wisdom

I am reading these words as a prayer from Proverbs 31. The words are my wake-up for wellness as I sit here on this new day. I looked into the eyes of a mother who had recently found herself in a valley after the death of her son. It was a really a mirror to me because I felt her soul and spirit. We smiled as I spoke words that I hoped comforted her and me. Wisdom sometimes hides behind the hurt of missing someone who has left this earthly life. Lord let me give your faithful instructions.

WWOW: Sisters Stepping Up and Picking Up the Mic

I am inspired with gratitude for friends and mentors who send or give me encouragement to make changes. Listening. reading and writing from those who are born encouraging souls and spirit is sometimes what gets me through dark clouds. I enjoy sharing my aspirations with others and I realize that I am responsible for my challenges and changes. These 100 words came after hearing a word about sisters who come together for a purpose. I am working in the revelation that we must pursue our heritage as well as remember our history. We owe it to our sisters.

WWOW: Waking Up and Working Through

I woke up this morning looking for the vision and the victory while walking on my treadmill. I have been asked what “WWOW” means in my 100 word writings. It is the reason I look for encouragement in spite of my ups and downs. It is why I place my journals and memories of my past on the bookshelf to see while I walk.  It is because of my vision of wellness. It is the reason I go into my Work and Walk room to pray. These are reasons I read and write  for “Wys Ways of Wellness.”