WWOW: A Sunday Kind of Kindness

I started out to church with my Girl Mic Leslie on my mind. I was remembering the Sunday that I attended church after her “Celebration of Life” Services  a year ago. I stepped into the yard trying to find the clouds that reminded me of her fruit finding. This is what I called it when she said or did something that reminded me of the Fruit of the Spirit as shown in Galatians 5:22-26. I presented the lesson on ” Peaceful Kingdom” and as we stood there with our hands over our hearts,  I learned how a Sunday kind of kindness heals.IMG_0011


WWOW: Fifty Steps into the Light

Fifty I am determined to write a short post about experiences that made my last fifty hours unforgettable. I participated in a “I Am My Sister’s Keeper” Prayer Breakfast and heard some awesome testimonies from women who stepped out of some  difficult situations into positions of shining lights to purpose.IMG_0438IMG_0439

WWOW: An Elusive Edge of Change

http://wp.me/p70Yt2-9x I read through the reader section of my many blogfriends and I am impressed with their writing , poetry, and photographs. I usually pay close attention to the ones that encourage me to change for the better. This is where I find myself on the  elusive edge and sometimes I am  not able to commit or change. This photo is of a towel and magazine page that is on my treadmill and they both describe the struggle to follow through with my goals. I am constantly chasing after wellness, love, joy and peace. I find an elusive opportunity and  outcome. IMG_0015

WWOW: Prayer Summit 2016

What a blessing to spend an opportunity to fellowship with our prayer ministry. I know I am doing some combination blog writing in this 100 words but I am so grateful for all the beautiful events I have witnessed this weekend. The prayer summit was our Saturday focus. The people in this picture are my FAMs (Friends and Mentors) who are charged to pray for our church, community, state and world. We are in spiritual warfare, so today I ask the question to all the prayer warriors who read my social media writings, “Will you please tell me where you are?”IMG_0341

Prompt: Pleasure

The Prompt: Pleasure  I had the pleasure of wishing my first great grandchild happy blessed birthday. This is going to be an easy #WWOW one hundred word post as I remember her smile and eyes bright and wide. She represents our family’s joy as we remember this last year of being without the physical presence of my daughter, Girl Mic Leslie.  We all say that she is more than a blessing that is on earth to help us through the grief zone of our journey.  I feel if do not write, there is no pleasure.IMG_0300he pleasure is all mine!

WWOW: A Wonderful Day in Wy’s Woods

I am thanking “The Source” Sally Baker for my much needed purse reorganization. I am always joyful when I am able to use my Talk Shoppe networking experience as an education and empowering event. I was able to provide the inside of my purse in exchange for the ultimate organization of the articles inside. I wanted to record the session to share with others and so I thought it would be a good writing for my 100 words. I heard some interesting statements such as ” organization is a time management skill.” I am now sharing a wonderful day in my woods.IMG_0279