Family Blends: When 50 is a Celebration

March is the month that we celebrate and this year one of the Family Blends will celebrate her 50th birthday of March 17, 2015. All her life she has felt like she and St. Patrick are two celebrities sharing the day. This is a row of lights surrounding her green glasses and Shamrocks.IMG_2152


WWOW: Making Blissful Contact and Communication

Today I met with an book consultant to help me get my journal writings published. When I began to tell her what I wanted to get published, I could feel the direction of the Holy Spirit telling me to get on with it and stop using Psalm 46:10 as my excuse shield. Dell has written 7 books and she is ready to help me with my dream and vision to get this done before I reach 70. This is 90 days away so I will be depending on “Amazing Grace and my Friends and Mentors to continue to give me an arena of bliss. This is the book I compiled 5 years ago so my niece Merceda is my inspiration and you all will be that force for this book. “Skies of My Sixties: WysJoyful Company” is a tentative title.

Tell me what you think.Celebrating Merceda's Joy2011

Wy’s Five for this Fellowship and Wellness Focus.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Circle of Five.” I just decided to share a picture from our holiday 2014 where we had Family Blends and Friends which included Children Grandchildren and Great Grandchild. I have five multiplied!IMG_0007

When Smiles are our Prompts for a Good Day!

January 18 is a day of “Happy Smiles Memories” for our family because our Mother Mae E. died fourteen years ago. My little brother and little sister always post pictures of her with her most beautiful smile. We then sit back and watch the love come forth on Social Media. This prompts each one of us to put a smile on it.  The Spirit of love, joy and peace is so powerful and when you are surrounded by it, you live in Blessed Land. We all have the Mae Stories and we post them so smiles will come forth.  The one I am prompted to tell today is when we were driving along one day after she had her eye surgery and she said “slow the car because I know you are driving too fast.” When I asked how she knew, she just smiled and said that moms have radar! I still believe that and I call it a beautiful smiling spirit of light and the perfect prompt for #Blogging101 journal.Mae and Mae Light poem copied21012012IMG_0086