Daily Prompt: Eerie Is A Body of Water

via Daily Prompt: Eerie I smile as I write an answer I received across the table when I asked my family what the word “eerie” meant. This is the answer I heard. “eerie is a body of water” and when I checked the definition, it read, “causing fear.” The way I feel today is I like this body of water zone since I enjoy watching the Mississippi rolling in a Tina Turner way.  The walking of these miles took me past a body of water and also on a 3.1 mile trip and  also covered fear with my feelings of wellnessimg_0685


Daily Prompt: Waiting and Wy’s Eyes

Sometimes God will give us a camera’s eye view of why He tells us that waiting is not in vain if we consider and delight in His Word. I am writing this 100 words at a dark time of 01:30 as I impatiently wait on rest and restoration through sleep. A funny thing happened on the way to my wait. I lost the fear and God’s faithfulness showed up when I prayed and stopped complaining. A new revelation showed up in this  picture of a picture taken in a mirror shot. I wait with wonder and well being.A picture in the Mirror for #WWOWvia Daily Prompt: Waiting

WWOW: The Urgent Call to Cure

What a perfect time to push urgency! I spend October speaking and discussing cancer awareness with family, church and communities. I also get intense with my walking as I prepare to do the 5k walks as the team leader for my Church’s prayer walkers. I have spent the last two Sundays in the church foyer talking to my church friends and fellows about the care and cure of this disease that affects my self soul and spirit.

I chose to highlight our newest Memphis initiative to help women find time to care for themselves and provide resources to get mammograms. img_0641

Subdued in Our Sisters’ Sorrows

I was walking on my morning meditation path (Treadmill) while thinking about the prompt, subdued and I decided to look at the third definition in the “Webster’s New Word” dictionary. Subdue is defined as to make less intense; reduce; lower; diminish; soften. My work as a “Healing to Wellness” advocate and speaker is the focus in today’s writing. I have chosen to show some of my sisters and brothers as we heal and walk as well as talk.  We are fortunate to be able to help and one of my help tags in ministry daily is Wy’s Way’s of Wellness

Daily Prompt: No Border Between Skies and Tree

Come closely to go with my imagination that the skies,trees and the light  are the essence of my loved ones who have gone before. Woods is my ancestry’s name of many generations. I was preparing my 100 word post when I discovered that I had a draft before, so in my imagination I write under the definition that a border is defined as “an edge or a part near an edge.” I am near the edge as I prepare for our Pink Sunday honors to the cancer Community. We must remember that there are “No borders” here. IMG_0470via Daily Prompt: Tree

WWOW: Why Breakthrough?

I am starting October with several why questions. I encounter people who ask this question when I say my name is Wy. The next question is “Why?” I was reading several articles on health and why we are not discussing it in the political arena. I thought I might use my hundred words to seek a breakthrough for my self, soul and spirit. I start with my wall    which shows my educational and religious affiliations as well as a scheduling exercise calendar. They all are a part of my why and also my quest for a breakthrough and  why answers img_0613