When Medical Mystery Goes Door to Door

There is much mystery in the act of finding diagnosis and treatment of patients who stay long term in the hospital
I am writing this morning because we are 14 hours into the day and we have no answers. I will probably sound like I am fixated as a care sharer but I don’t understand why all the test results remain a mystery to the patient. The care of a patient is dependent on timely relevant information so we sit here encased with anxiety and praying the mystery will be solved and wellness restored within our family.We are ready to move.


Pray, Praise and Prioritize

I am getting some of my walk in for the ‘ 30 minutes to fitness and since the Prayer and praise is an integral part of my routine, I am including the Prayer Cross at Baptist -Memphis in my stroll. I put my request on purple paper on a special place. I normally do 100 words a blog but this is an unusual journal entry as I work through the situation knowing that God is working it out ad I write this words.

Revelation Working as the New Orange

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The word “Orange” is bringing forth wisdom for my well being today.  I woke up with a song and a thought sitting very strongly in my heart. I had decisions about care sharing and survivor agenda that I wanted to think through carefully, so this will be an all day experience and event journal entry as I complete the 100 words.

I am remembering my conversation this morning about the value of voices in prayer who come together daily to connect. The revelation in praise and prayer is my new orange.


The 21st Surreal Day of Faith


This is the 21st day since finding ourselves in ICU with the diagnosis of heart/ lung involvement. We sometimes use the word surreal without even knowing the definition. I found these definitions worked for me as I remember the episode which I call “walking in the shadows of death.”  It was a “weird dreamlike” situation that we have been able to step through these last 21 days. On this day of new mercies  we  have declared as in Psalm 73:2, “But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled; my steps had nearly slipped.  Our Real God Reality!



Thanksgiving and Trademarks

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I spent the last few hours in a caregiving situation which prompted me to write a journal note about the trademark of thanksgiving. Almost three weeks ago my husband was admitted to ICU after he had a cardiopulmonary event. It was tense time when a moment seemed like forever. Today I am thankful for the place and people who brought him back to our home. We take for granted the trademark of Thanksgiving. Some think of elaborate dinners, shopping trips and moving quickly to prepare for the Christmas celebrations. I will enjoy thanksgiving starting right now.wp-image-1177093019

Release, Review and Refresh: Survivors and Share Caring

Starting my Day 5 of #Spirit40. I am sending thanks to the Myers for helping me in my advocacy and ministering of the #SurviorsandShareCarers. Today when I started my thirty minutes of walking , I felt the urge to write and release my fears into a faith fountain. This beautiful display by Val is my inspiration to keep moving and to give God the glory for the people  who give me strength and courage We often have to look into our lives and ask for a Psalm 139 review to make changes.  Today is my day of release, review and refresh for #sharecaring.

On Encountering Brave People

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This is a day of thankfulness as I sit to write of our past twelve days experiences and give kudos to some brave people.  On Thursday October 5, 2017, my honeySi and I entered the emergency room as we had been instructed. My husband was informed that he would receive treatment. We received part the blood transfusion and was told we would be moved to a room to complete the treatment.  My husband stopped breathing and then we began our encounter with many brave employees working to save his life. This story continues to unfold.