Being Blessed in the Test: Taking the Testimony to a Level Up

Seven Signs of Shining in places of darkness
Today we see Grace Manifestations for our “This and That” situations. God is faithful.

When SisterFriends Come to Encourage!

I am smiling as I remember some priceless and precious prayer warriors and witnesses who gave my HoneySi their “Time, Talents and Treasure” to celebrate his #77. God has shown His Faithfulness again . What a blessing to look back and see these ladies hang out with goodness and mercy a

Why We Do What We Do!

In The Light of Recovery and Redemption: WWOW

I am waking to an assignment of self care and recovery. This is why I am writing this morning. These are some points from Dr Sarita’s presentation that I am reviewing as I wait on the return of sleep. I hope this post helps someone this day. 02:18

A Shining Sunday For Joy

What a beautiful transition today as I was able to focus on the blessings that God has shined on me. Thank God for the connected churches and the people who pray our visions into reality. I am excited about today as it begins my 30 day journey into another birthday. I am considered in the ministry as senior and seasoned and God has shown me that He will give me joy every morning when I delight in His word. The count up is a daily assignment of anointing and advancement in my writing . This is why I am in a Sunday kind of shining joy.

My Son Doug’s Special Day

Every mother smiles when she thinks about her son. Today is a special day for my first born child. He was born at 7:11 pm and has been my heart for fifty-six years. My son Doug has so many stories to tell and I am proud of his work ethics. He has worked since he was 15 in the food industry and is dedicated to family. He is a father, brother, uncle, nephew, friénd and so much more. Today we celebrate Mr. Douglas E. Woods birthday #56.