When Irrelevant Issues Invade Purpose and Position

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This is one of those posts where I have to give thought to how this word can be a fire starter in my mind. We all strive to keep our selves, souls and spirit out of the path of being called irrelevant. The dictionary writes that the word means “Not pertinent or to the point.” When I find that I have let issues invade my purpose and position, I feel irrelevant. When I think of how easy it is to get off track, I ask for restoration and relevance to reclaim my position, peace and joy.



Recreated Wellness for Care Sharers

via Daily Prompt: Recreate  

I was invited to share some information about available resources to the cancer community.  I enjoy sharing to help others as they seek to understand and follow through on wellness when a cancer diagnosis invades their peace and joy. We honored survivors as we listened to their stories. I wanted to recreate and share information in an atmosphere of pursuing wellness 

I shared resources and action plans for taking care of themselves and the joy of using every opportunity to give back as the founder of the event has done. I was  blessed by the fellowship.


Sympathy And Sitting In The Front Pew

via Daily Prompt: Sympathy  

I am at the close of this September day. My family and friends have been very kind to call to offer sympathy because this is my GirlMic’s date of birth. She died two years ago on September 1, 2015 and they have called to encourage me and share pictures of the beautiful life she lived for fifty one years. I know offering sympathy is one of those times in life where words are never enough so I share this family picture to offer my sympathy to the many people who will find themselves sitting on the front pew.


Overcoming and Joy In The Journey

I find myself looking for words in the Word that will bless me to overcome situations that seem to box my soul and spirit in a tight fitting place. I have found that when I surround my setting with meaningful and positive devotionals and books , I do overcome episodes of extreme sadness and hopelessness with skies filled with joy. The scripture which  I find best conveys my delight and desires is one that I copied to my last devotional.  I read these words for joy to overcome:

Psalm 128:1 “Blessed is everyone who fears the LORD, who walks in His ways”wp-image-577499170.jpg