The Mouth and the Moment: Next Steps

When I look back at these pictures,  I smile because I feel like this is a “God ‘s purpose for the moment. I ask the question, “can you hear me now?” because I often feel like others are not understanding my story and the fact that it has been written to give God the glory. I am coming to the realization that people do not understand why I still call my #GirlMic Leslie’s name  in the middle of a presentation or a conversation. When I put on a pair of her shoes, I make my next steps.


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WysJoyFul Company Ministering Speaker, Host Wy's Ways of Wellness Radio blogtalk with focus on Wellness Awareness and EOL/ QOL with grief situations and Cancer Care Communications for National Patient Advocacy, Tennessee Cancer Coalition and Memphis Breast Cancer Coalition. Retired RN after 50 years now a Caregiver for family member.