Daily Prompt: Hopeful

If I used the word hopeful before, it was not even close to how I felt when my “Brown Baby” first saw her new brown rocking horse. It sent me back to my seven year old self when I received a rocking horse for christmas. This is my letter to my great grand girl  about her future based on my past seventy one years. I hope you ride your beige and brown pony into a blessed life with all the smiling adults supporting you as they did today. I hope you still have the joy and the dance you had when your musical bears, dolls, and all those many sounds of music as we heard today. I hope you know how much we enjoy you in this 15 months you have been with us . I am hopeful because I have been blessed to look into the sunset  and know that the sun will rise and set because the bible tells us so. I hope you know that we love you today, tomorrow and forever.Baby Brown and her Brown Horse December 25, 2016via Daily Prompt: Hopeful


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