WWOW: I Keep Talking and Walking like a Survivor!


Wy's Red Snow Boots 01222016
Wy’s Red Snow Boots 01222016 

This is the beginning of a new day ()2:45) and I am awake so I write one of my 100 words letters to my self, soul and spirit. Today I was speaking to a group with my usual tag line, “I am Wy and you are joyful and together we are WysJoyful Company.” I had a revelation of how we make each other feel when we smile. I am convinced that smiling is a therapeutic technique  that God has placed in our reach even when we choose not to use it. I will  just keep talking and walking!


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WysJoyFul Company Ministering Speaker, Host Wy's Ways of Wellness Radio blogtalk with focus on Wellness Awareness and EOL/ QOL with grief situations and Cancer Care Communications for National Patient Advocacy, Tennessee Cancer Coalition and Memphis Breast Cancer Coalition. Retired RN after 50 years now a Caregiver for family member.