WWOW: Saying Fare Well ON A Wednesday!

I am hoping to do my final proof today of my book
“Skies of My Self, Soul, and Spirit: Psalms for Delight and Devotion.” I am just looking back at the events and experiences of 2015 as we only have 3 days left to count. I still praise the Lord for letting me be a survivor and completing the book.

Better Butterflies ! Seven Sights and Sounds

I am stepping back from spending many hours on WordPress. I heard my husband say. “Do you realize how much time you are spending not writing on your book?  I received a relevant revelation as I am sitting here when I should be preparing to say fare well to my friend and to participate in her homegoing celebration aka Funeral Services. I will add media of my house of memoirs and my Survivor Wy picture and close up. I want to thank each person who gave me wonderful vibes and great reading material.  It feels good to be here with you.IMG_0060wpid-wp-1425867905299.jpeg

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