Causes of Death in the United States in 2012

I can only reblog today because of my weary heart. I have been reading beautiful cards and sending acknowledgements t after my GirlMic/Leslie’s death 22 days ago.

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Causes of death in the United States in 2012:

This is 2,543,279 deaths in 2012.

The top ten are: heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke, unintentional injuries, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, kidney disease, and suicide.

Let’s take them one by one.

Heart disease: This is number one. 599,711 deaths. 23.6% of total deaths all ages both sexes in the US in 2012. So that is where I start when I do the counseling part of a physical.

Let’s review heart disease risk factors:
high cholesterol
family history
kidney failure
lack of exercise
smoking other things…
illegal drugs
As you might guess, this part of the discussion can use up a lot of the visit….

Cancer: All the cancer deaths together are 22.9% of the 2012 total.
We can screen for a few cancers: lung cancer is now the number…

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  1. Thank you for the reblog. I actually didn’t realize I’d posted it yet, was working on the draft, so now have done some clean up. I just had an old friend die, well, two and then someone on a writing site…. so I was thinking about causes of death.

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