WWOW: When Butterflies Fly

I wanted to write today because I  had a Sister friend and Mentor to put her arms around me in a big bear hug to tell me that she was sorry about the death of my daughter GirlMic/Leslie. She also shared that anytime she sees a butterfly, she thinks about me.  I smiled and thanked her with the words, “I am glad you think about me at all.”BrendaButterflies&TenThings08262012  I am working on a book  and I am sometimes so sad, I start to doubt my ability to finish it and then I will see smiling faces of all of the people I have met in my seventy years and I realize that I must move forward and finish my race and purpose. This is when I believe that  in every cloud and sky,  we will have some difficult times and situations, but I know all is well when butterflies fly.


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