The Ways and Days of Leslie

I just have to write about my GirlMic /Leslie because she again is in need of our prayers and positive positioning as she is being healed.
My heart hurts as I see her struggling in her strong way while entering the eighth day on a ventilator here in Methodist GT ICU. I love her so and writing about our love is how I will make it through this day.Lord please lift Leslie up into your safe arms so we can see her smile again.

It is now 03:14 and I am praying for my GirlMic to pass her ventilator weaning test. I have discovered that being in ICU or having family in here is a wilderness experience where You must lean and spend on Jehovah Rapha to bring heal in Wellness to your self, soul and spirit. Today is July 30, 2015.


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WysJoyFul Company Ministering Speaker, Host Wy's Ways of Wellness Radio blogtalk with focus on Wellness Awareness and EOL/ QOL with grief situations and Cancer Care Communications for National Patient Advocacy, Tennessee Cancer Coalition and Memphis Breast Cancer Coalition. Retired RN after 50 years now a Caregiver for family member.

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  1. My #GirlMic is on her 12th Day on this ventilator so please keep
    praying because we need a miracle and I am expecting it because I stand on His promise that she is healed.

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