Healthy Habit #5: Two lessons about plate geometry

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Lorie Smith Schaefer

Lesson I: Diameter
blog Plate size by yearsWe can easily see that the size of our dinner plates (and coincidentally, our pants) have increased substantially over the past 50 years. We also know that we prefer the look of a full plate and that–thanks to many of our mothers–we are charter members of “the clean plate club.” We feel obligated to eat what is put before us, even if we are no longer truly hungry.
So here’s a baby step for you. Try eating from a smaller plate, like the nice luncheon or salad plates you have in the cupboard. Or eat your cereal or soup from a smaller bowl. That’s it. Try it for one or two meals. Notice anything? If your spouse is anything like mine, you might get asked, “Are you sure that’s enough, honey?” Bless his heart. As I’m ever gonna eat less than I need. As if I’m…

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