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MARCH  16-22 is Brain Awareness Week!

STOP! Think about all the responsibilities you have…then think about all the responsibilities of your brain…Hhmm. I am willing to bet that your personal responsibilities pales in comparison. The brain is themost complex part of the human body and the boss that runs the whole show.

Your brain weighs a fraction of your total body weight (only ~3 pounds), yet it is:

  • The seat of intelligence
  • Initiator of body movements
  • Interpreter of senses
  • Acquirerer of new knowledge
  • Controller of behavior…and so much more!

You should really take care of your body…and mind!

Recent commercials on brain games and brain training, may have some controversies, BUT they are so much better than sitting and watching TV all day – turning your brain to mush! Some studies…

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