The Truth of My Faith.

It is a Sunday Morning Setup so here is a #SurvivorWOW


I want to talk about something today that I don’t really dig in to deeply here on RonovanWrites very often. Yes, I mention it, but I don’t really discuss it. I want to talk about my faith, my religion. You may think I have but I don’t. I normally save that for another site I have.

But this is RonovanWrites and so I’m Ronovan and I’m going to write. And I won’t be doing my humor moments to splice my Christian thoughts in with. I prefer clarity today.

What is MY faith?

You know, some people don’t know what Christianity is. They look at TV and history books, listen to friends or family, and that’s it. There is their views of Christianity.

That is not Christianity.

Those are personal views formed and written by personal views. And before some decide to stop reading and begin commenting they know from the…

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