WWOW: BeWOW and The Ways of Wy and Wellness

FOTE047MarcwyatlobbydaywithSenHarris030315h 3, 2015 was my #BeWoW day as I stood in the Senate Library in Tennessee State Capitol Senate Room. Yes, we took the picture after everyone had left but it still was a great feeling to stand there. I was in town to talk to my Legislators about cancer Care and Cure. (note I do not cap cancer) It really is what gives me the feeling of Being a Wow Volunteer.


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WysJoyFul Company Ministering Speaker, Host Wy's Ways of Wellness Radio blogtalk with focus on Wellness Awareness and EOL/ QOL with grief situations and Cancer Care Communications for National Patient Advocacy, Tennessee Cancer Coalition and Memphis Breast Cancer Coalition. Retired RN after 50 years now a Caregiver for family member.