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Finding Myself Through Writing

Wow! I’ve gotten tons of feedback on that last essay I put out there – NOT JUST ANOTHER FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY REVIEW. Don’t take my word for it. Go read it yourselves. Just click on that link I inserted right up above this. 🙂 And while you are there take the poll. I’m anxious to know the end results. I’ll post that piece of information at the end of the week for all to see and murmur about – or gloat – or be amazed!

Seems like there are more and more people-talking-bout-it everywhere you look. This came up in my WordPress Reader early this morning and here’s what Jack has to say about it.  There’s some interesting stuff in this article of his! I think I may run on over to Amazon to see what he’s talking about. 😉

To be fair, I’ve been searching for a favorable review and…

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