HEALTH: Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch with Stretch Recipes

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stretch logo imagesIt is a new year and we all are focusing on living better and healthier lives. Lauren Foster and I met through a mutual friend, Shelley Kaplar. I was immediately interested in her company Stretch Recipes. We spoke about her mission and her passion for people to have the tools to live their best life. I recently caught up with Lauren to find out more about Stretch and how the community can become involved. This is what she had to say.

UJIMA: What makes you so passionate about eating healthy?

LAUREN: I’m passionate about people having the tools they need to succeed in life. I grew up with my grandmother who was diabetic, had heart disease, and cancer. As a result, she was often tired and didn’t cook much. So most of the time, I was given $20 to run to McDonald’s or Harold’s Chicken to get my…

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