Five Wishes for Five Whys!

Today has been such a Highlight day for me and my five Whys, so please let me share while I decide what prompt works for me. I know I have missed some and I like having so many pieces to fit into the puzzle.

Several years ago at my retirement party, The CEO of the hospital asked me Why I was retiring.  I explained to him that I wanted to try my wings and work as an advocate and speaker for the cancer cure and care community.

I have traveled around the states , and I have done some speaking and advocacy and  I even wrote on my vision board that I would like to speak to large crowds about my career as a nurse , minister and  entrepreneur work for non profits.

Today was my vision working it’s wings as I hosted my first radio Blogtalk show, so here I go pulling out the pictures of my vision.  Then a lady called me today and booked me to speak at her church in October and I got good feedback from the Finding My sponsors so I think I will just say it has been a great day and I know what prayer can do!WysWayofWellnessflyer


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WysJoyFul Company Ministering Speaker, Host Wy's Ways of Wellness Radio blogtalk with focus on Wellness Awareness and EOL/ QOL with grief situations and Cancer Care Communications for National Patient Advocacy, Tennessee Cancer Coalition and Memphis Breast Cancer Coalition. Retired RN after 50 years now a Caregiver for family member.