Why My Joy Comes Every Morning!

I am often asked why Wy, when I tell them what I am usually called. I explain that it is a state of being that is a combination of The States (Wy)oming and Califor(nia). I usually get a smile and a comment about my name but more than that I get conversation about the origin of the name. I was pleasantly surprised to find the name Wyvonia has been around since the eighteenth century, so I say, “yes I like my name but I like to make it easy on the person who does not pronounce it the way I do.” Well I hear you asking, “so where is this bit of information leading us?” It probably will not be anything you share but I am stuck in a memory pain zone on this day as I have found myself, soul and spirit for fourteen years.

The last time I saw my MomMae alive was when I left her home on December 27, 2000 and I looked back to see her waving to me as I returned home. She had said to me earlier , “When you cross the bridge call me” because I was driving home alone after an ice storm.  So today I am having to put on my joy gloves and type this sad feeling into a letter of joy. I guess I am smiling now and remembering the light of her smile and that is why my joy comes every morning. #WysjoyfulMae and Mae Light poem copied21012012


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