Wysjoyful Company: See You at the Next Homegoing Celebration!

The Ministry of Listening and Visioning 2014IMG_0023People ask where when I say that I plan to attend a Homegoing Celebration.  One of loved rituals to honor our deceased families and friend is to go to the celebration. I spent some of my November 1, 2014 Saturday at one of these celebrations.

My Church friend, Mrs. LDJ had a beautiful, well planned homegoing celebration. I smiled from beginning to the end as we remembered this great lady. She had written out her Obituary and program so well that it felt like a majestic event where we all had been invited to come. I remember on several occasions where she played a part in my life. She the last person to attest to my Gospel Ministry ordination fourteen years ago and then she invited me to speak for one of Her Henderson Business School Alumni events. These were important events for me, so I think that I was blessed to be at her Homegoing Celebration.

I shared with some of my friends that she had set the perfect stage for me as a “Five Wishes” Facilitator and that I would use her program as a template as a great way to tell others what you want them to know. This week I have been notified of two more of my friends who died. I know that in my age change of 69, there will be times of sadness as I remember them but I also realize that if we are livingWysPresidingMVBC11112012 , there will be times when all we can say is, “See you at the next Homegoing Celebration.”


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